Allowing Space for your Inner Goddess


One of my biggest inspirations for starting GLOMAD was to bring more beauty to the world, whilst re-connecting women with their inner goddess energy, something which I feel can be increasingly challenging amidst the hyper speed mania of the technologically driven societies which vast swathes of the world's population are now living in. 

In my view, the way for women to celebrate their true power is to accentuate not repress their femininity. Some women have felt it necessary to assume a more masculine mantle to assert themselves in a male dominated, patriarchal world. 

The further the schism between our behaviour and our true nature the greater the level of anxiety, dissonance and discontent we experience. When women start competing with each other a vitrioloic culture of mistrust and jealousy arises. We are stronger united, celebrating each other’s strengths, attributes and gifts. We all have something different to offer; together we can bring out the best in each other. 


It's always been my belief that fashion far from being frivolous is a beautiful, fun, authentic expression of our inner creativity & beauty. 

Diaphanous fluid garment shapes encourage a lightness of movement, an otherworldly grace, creating space for the true feminine aspects to be expressed. I love to see the way these pieces change how women move, how they feel, as if the lightness of the flowing kaftan, kimono or voluminous dress allows an internal softening, a type of flight, an expansion, a revelling in the sheer joy of the gift of womanhood.