Kallistrate Kimono meets Formentera, match made in Heaven

Pink sands, Idaho skies, aqua marine waters; the beguiling beauty of Formentera makes the perfect bedfellow for the elegantly erudite Kallistrate Kimono. Kallistrate was a powerful, passionate, magnetic character from Ancient Greek mythology. The erudite aquatic inspired print combines lovingly with the beautifully elegant line of the kimono, perfect for Glomadic silk swathed island adventures.

These must surely be the most alluring beaches in Europe, more reminiscent of the pristine shores of the Caribbean or Indian Ocean, than the untamed beauty of Formentera's wilder sister Ibiza.

There's something about the light here that could convince a mermaid to sell her voice to the sea witch in exchange for staying forever on this seductive island if only just to feel that light dancing on her face for the rest of eternity.


Photography: Gee Palmer 

Instagram @geepalmer