Oceans of Love

Diamonds of Azul dance and sparkle,

Singing a song of joy and restoration.

Waves stroke the shore

Like the soft touch of a painter’s brush.


Life is here, life is perfect,

This moment is everything.

Pure connection to all that is,

All that ever was and all that ever will be.


We find oursevles in this moment,

We meet ourselves in all our divine perfection,

All our woes fade away,

Their noise silenced by the whispering ocean.


We are the answers we seek,

We hold all the solutios in the palms of our hands,

In the velvet corridors of our hearts.


Everything we need is here, right now.

We are our greatest teachers, our greatest advisors.

If we could just listen to our own true voice

With as much attention as we do to others,

We would be at peace.


You don’t need to be anything other than that which you already are,

Your work is to remove the bryers,

thorns & spiked creepers your mind has built around your heart.


Image features the Pelagos Kaftan