The woman who fell to earth

There are few places in life that offer a remedy to the eccentric confusion of our quotidian lives, our human worries, a place for our burgeoning imaginations to reside. The mind often lingers in future places it can never truly occupy. Atlantis, an escapade of intricately carved rock faces hidden behind the dramatic drop of a cliff edge, offers such a sanctuary. The oscillating water basins and quarried earth mirror an efflorescent mural of the world.

As though the rocks have not just borne witness to, but crystallised in time the cycle of voices that have been moved by this place. Locked in time as a hippy enclave in the 60s and 70s, where the sun warms the adorning rocks of hidden landscape, endowing them with a voice that echoes with the breaking of waves like the elusive siren's call.

Altlantis marks an imprint in historical memory. Materials were extracted to build the fortified walls and labyrinthine alleys of D'alt Vila. In this sense, Atlantis becomes a junction between the history of human construction and fortification, and its latent portrayal as a mythical destination. The common denominator being the stardust that lies in all life. The fundamental composites of the cosmos meet here, in the chiffon movement of stardust from the walls of Ibiza town today, extracted from this interweaving environment, to the self same components of our being.

This fantastical element of the physical Atlantis also translates into the Atlantis beachwear collection. As I wonder through the Atlantis world, Barbarella the notoriously iconic inter-galactic space woman, in the eponymous body suit, is conjured from the expanding psyche. She is washed ashore from another dimension, 'The woman that fell to earth'.



Barbarella Bodysuit 

The cosmic ambience of Atlantis clothes the mind in a new image, where the ethereal being is witnessing the new earth for the first time. The fibres of the Barbarella body suit are woven with this concussed perception of the world. The body is as a transformative platform. This aspect of beachwear captures the living being in its cosmic rawness, its unprocessed and indigenous cloak, and returns it to the heart of the wearer / glomadic woman

Nurtured in the shimmering silver mermaid scale design, the artesan weaving of the body suit, is intricately involved in its individually crafted tapestry, emblazoning its naked veracity unto the outside environment. The image of the beautiful alien reignites this concept in an entirely nuanced vein of nomadic exploration as Barbarella meets Pelagos, the silk kaftan of ‘the open sea’, in craftsmanship of the self same inspiration.

Pelagos Kaftan 

Free-falling, unkempt, and exonerated in this mystical surrounding, the flow of the Pelagos kaftan seems to unravel the wearer through these mystic prisms of ethereal light. Released from occupation, obligation and weariness, the Glomadic entity moves with the agile, fluctuating wind.

Atlantis seems a perfect place to step into these roles, not only to gain a sense of inward ambience, but to retrieve the bare elements that the Glomad philosophy encases, a story that is forever being re-told in the fluid materials of the amorphous beachwear. In the Atlantis beachwear collection, beauty is ever adapting, morphing from an emergent horizon, transforming and transformative. It interlopes the gap between cosmic vastness, and ripens the explosions of light, from far off stars, weaving them into the fabric of our imagination. 

Guest Blog by Gabriella Morris