'Tie me up tie me down' fringed silk Lilith Jardine print scarf



The perfect Christmas Gift, this Unisex 'London silk print' scarf will be your ideal wardrobe companion. Add a supernova of vibrant colour & a hit of instant glamour to any outfit. The beauty of this scarf is that there are endless ways to style it. The long length and tassle finish add a sense of fluidity as you move, or wrapped several times around the neck creates a more formal look. It also looks stunning as a head scarf. 

The Lilith Jardine print is inspired by the mythological half snake half woman seductress Lilith, gorgeously fusing aquatic elegance and sultry snakeskin motifs. 

  • 100% Satin Silk Fabric with fringe trim 
  • Dry Clean
  • Made in London 
  • Exclusive Print Design 


Total length 260 cms 

Fringe trim 8cms each end 

Width 22 cms 

Vintage YSL Le Smoking Tuxedo and disco ball not included! 



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